A Chick & a Peach (Getting Fed for Running)

A Chick & a Peach (Getting Fed for Running)

Have you ever turned down free Chick-Fil-A? Me neither. Well, that’s what half marathon finishers got after completing the 2022 Chick-Fil-A & Big Peach Running Co's Half-Marathon. That along with a cool custom medal that we designed. Big Peach Running Co. knows a thing or two about running!...And Chick-Fil-A knows a thing or two about customer satisfaction! So combine the two and you get one of the most amazing road racing days annually in NW Georgia!  And our medal reflected this whimsical but simple combination of two excellent brands.

The medal we made  consisted of the Big Peach running logo enshrined in a simple circle, the bottom half of which had the Chick-fil-A logo. The words “Half Marathon” sat simply in an arch at the top of the medal. It was from all angles and interpretation a simple medal for a simple race. A race which by the looks of it will be around for years to come.

This year’s Chick-Fil-A & Big Peach Running Co's Half-Marathon will take place on … This Half-Marathon/5K tandem promises to deliver a first-class running environment that you and your friends will want to be a part of.  The 2nd. annual running of the Half-Marathon will be combined with the 18th running of the legendary “Duck Dash 5K,” with proceeds from BOTH races going to benefit Advocates for Children! To Learn More about Advocates, Click Here.

And remember....FREE Chick-Fil-A CHICKEN BISCUITS! To the first 100 finishers in the Half-Marathon and the first 100 finishers in the Duck Dash 5K!

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