Custom Ribbons

Interested in custom neck ribbons for your finisher medals? Or already have medals and need ribbons only? Please contact us your rep for different ribbon options and lead times.

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There are virtually no limits to custom neck ribbon design for finisher medals and other event awards. We can provide a vast array of solid color and striped ribbons and screen print logos and other designs directly on them. However, the dye sublimation imprint process brings out the most dramatic design results for medallion ribbons. This method applies your art to the ribbon in exquisite, almost photographic, detail.

In addition to the type of custom neck ribbon for your medals, the size and length of the ribbon will vary according to the size and weight of the medallion as well as your aesthetic choice. It should hand loosely around the neck of the recipient, but not be so long that it is distracting or cumbersome.

fun run medallion custom neck ribbons for finisher medals

About dye sublimation printing for custom neck ribbons

Dye sublimation printing is a digital printing process that transfers full-color, high-resolution designs onto a wide range of materials, including fabrics, ceramics, and plastics. The process uses heat to sublimate solid dyes directly into a gas state, which then permeates the material and solidifies, creating vibrant and long-lasting prints.

Here's how it works: First, a digital image is created or selected. The image is then printed onto a special transfer paper using CMYK dye-based inks. Next, the transfer paper is placed in direct contact with the material to be printed on. Heat and pressure are applied using a heat press, causing the solid dye to transform into a gas and penetrate the material's fibers or surface coating. As the material cools, the dye reverts to a solid state, permanently embedding the image in the substrate of the custom neck ribbon.

Dye sublimation printing offers several advantages, including sharp image quality, durability, and the ability to reproduce intricate details and vibrant colors. It's commonly used for creating custom apparel, promotional items, signage, and personalized products like our custom neck ribbons.