The Cosley Zoo Run Medal - A Roaring Celebraton

The Cosley Zoo Run Medal - A Roaring Celebraton

For the eight consecutive year, we are honored to collaborate with the Cosley Zoo Run for the Animals event, a remarkable initiative that seeks to raise funds for the animals, exhibits, and developmental projects at Cosley Zoo. This year's event, scheduled for June 3rd, is organized by the Cosley Foundation in conjunction with the Wheaton Park District. As passionate advocates for wildlife conservation, we are proud to contribute by designing the coveted medals for the event.

On our medal design, a passionate burst of orange declares the noble reason behind the run, igniting a fervent spirit that resonates with all who behold it. And in a shimmering silver, the distance of the sun is meticulously etched, symbolizing the remarkable feat accomplished by those who crossed the finish line.

The medal's contemporary allure perfectly harmonizes with the ambiance of a zoo, complementing its surroundings with a harmonious blend of modernity and elegance. As it adorns the chest of the recipient, it becomes a testament to human achievement in harmony with the natural world.

However, this extraordinary medal is not limited to its visual splendor alone. It conceals a delightful secret—transforming effortlessly into a convenient bottle opener. This ingenious feature ensures its lasting durability and practicality, destined to be a cherished companion throughout countless moments of celebration and enjoyment.

In summary, this medal transcends the realm of mere recognition. It metamorphoses into a work of art, encapsulating the essence of the race with its mesmerizing colors and contemporary aesthetic. With its duality of purpose, it becomes an enduring symbol of accomplishment, an exquisite memento to treasure for a lifetime.

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